Very weird feed issue

I have a feed,, which I can’t get rid of. On the website or in the iOS app, it shows only when all of my other feeds are read, and it does not appear on the left sidebar as unread. But I downloaded Reeder for iOS, and in Reeder, it shows up as an unread feed. But I can’t delete it. On the web it’s because it isn’t “there,” and in Reeder, it just reappears. I don’t think I ever subbed to it. Till I downloaded Reeder, I assumed it was some kind of feature, but now…

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Interesting. This was a known issue a long time ago, but it should have been automatically fixed for you. What’s your username? I can manually fix it.

Figured it out. I added the two missing feeds. You should now see it.

Thanks! It’s wreichard.

That’s excellent. Found them in the sidebar and vaporized them.

Thanks as always!

I am having a similar issue. The feed does not show in the feed list (on the feed list) but if I search for it it says I am subscribed to BBC News. When I use an iOS app (other than NewsBlur) it shows up as subscribed.

What’s your username?


Looks like 7 subscriptions were added.