Very slow (especially in focus mode)

I’ve been using NewsBlur for a couple of weeks now and I’m really liking it, but… there’s one thing that keeps me from not looking around at other rss options. NewsBlur is quite slow overall (It has a lot of great features and I’m willing to accept a little delay in loading for those features, but I think it’s just out of proportion slow atm). But no probs there, it’s still new and I think it’ll get faster with every update.
However, what’s really starting to annoy me is that in focus mode the whole thing just freezes for over a minute (while typing this it’s frozen for 3 minutes already) when I select my biggest folder with over 1000 unread articles. It’s the folder where I need the focus mode the most because I will never read everything, but I’m forced to go into ‘all’ mode because that’s the only way it won’t freeze. Sometimes it just freezes my whole Chrome browser and i can’t even load other tabs. Sometimes it also crashes my Flash Player. So it’s quite unreliable in it’s current state. I think it has to do with the way NewsBlur selects the articles for focus mode. I think it loads all unread articles and it looks for the articles I like to read every single time again. So when there’s 1000+ articles it takes more and more time to filter all articles. Would be great if focus mode just stored the focus mode articles or something, only scanning the new articles when I load the site. And sometimes a trailer or something begins to play in an article that’s not among the focus mode articles and i have no idea which of the 1000+ articles it is (needle in a haystack). This is also a bit strange and confirms my suspicion that NewsBlur tries to load all articles completely which is really heavy and useless while I’m not even viewing them all. Maybe NewsBlur could load and scan the tags, author and title of articles first, so it can immediately throw out the thumbed down articles before loading the complete focus mode articles and only the neutral/grey articles when I click on that mode or something?
Hope there’s a fix for it because I love NewsBlur and I think it has great potential, but I just don’t like it when my browser freezes all the time and it takes so long to load.
Thank you for your time and effort!


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Are you using the List view? That would help considerably.

Thanks for the quick answer!
What is the List view exactly? You mean if I use ‘feed’ instead of ‘original’ or ‘story’ view? I do use feed view. But in the feed view I have the list placed left beside the stories bar and when I click on a folder to open all the focus articles from the feeds inside it, it seems like the thing is stuck in a loading loop, the list to the left and the articles view stay empty. It seems like it loads for a second and stops again and then loads for a sec and stops etc… before it freezes at some point. There’s this colored bar flickering in and off in the list view. It puts a constant and considerable load on my CPU too (~50% of 4.15 Ghz) before the freeze:(

List view is on the right side of that toolbar.

Hm no doesn’t bring any improvements.

Got some more info. It only happens with the feed from Should be easy to replicate… Once I remove the feed from newsblur it works lightning fast again!:wink: Is there a way I can fix it, but still receive the feed from slashfilm?