Very persistent set up screens - even long after I finished seeting up my account.

Every time I go to Newsblur I get a pop up screen that says “Welcome to Newsblur. Step 4 of 4”. I then have to click through that screen on the button that says “Next Step” to read my feeds. I don’t know why I keep gettin that screen. Very annoying.

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What’s your username? Also, what browser are you using?

epgolin; Internet Explorer 9. Thanks.

This is still going on. Making me hate Newsblur.

Sorry about that. I have identified the cause and fixed it. You should be good now. Thanks for being so persistent!

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Thanks! Fixed. Appreciate it

I still get this. For a paid account this is frustrating. What is the fix to not have this pop up every time I login. Using Firefox. username is kenkrum

Can you fix it for me as well? username is kenkrum. Thanks!