Version 9.0 on iOS 10.3.3 'mark articles older than N days as read'

The ability to mark all articles older than N days seems to have been lost with version 9.0. Or did it move someplace else? It used to be at the top of the screen when viewing all stories or a specific folder.

Having to log into the web site on a PC to perform this function is the only work around I have found to date.

– Dan Ehrlich

Long press on the feed title will also work. But I just long pressed the mark read button on iPad and it worked. What iPhone are you using?

Unfortunately my iPhone 5 is still chugging along. I will give it a try.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

– Dan Ehrlich

Okay. Selected “All Stories”. Long hold on folder title does nothing. Long hold on story in list brings up the menu. Selected “Mark Older Stories Read”. Was not prompted for how many days older, and nothing seems to have been marked as read. Same story counts before and after. No different if I pick a single folder and not “All Stories”.

There used to be a button next to the folder title at the top of the window. Is there a preference to turn this back on? This still appears in the web page on my PC.

Dan Ehrlich