Verge feed not updating…

Statistics say Not Modified (304) but it definitely has changed. An insta-fetch last night pulled the current feed as expected but since it’s happening again I haven’t yet insta-fetched in case that’ll cover the issue


Here’s my Verge feed:…. Looks the same right now. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Looked at both links. Jason is subscribed to the same feed as I am, the full feed, (let’s call it #1) while Samuel is subscribed to the regular truncated feed (calling it #2.

At this moment (20:58 here) I can see two items (without scrolling) that is missing in #1 but present in #2. “‘Frozen’ is now the most successful animated movie of all time” from 20:04 and “Your old biology textbook is now a hallucinatory stop-motion music video” from 18:37.

Statistics say that #1 should updated every 10 to 12.5 minutes and the last update was 1 minute ago.

Going to the URL of #1 ( I can verify that both items are there.

EDIT: Did an Instant Refresh of #1 at 21:03, the latest of the missing items showed up, the second one is a now show though.

youre using as opposed to

currently the last post on both is about the movie frozen at 11:04am but the full.xml feed has 304s for 11:16, 11:32, 11:44, and 11:56

edit: naturally, it updated while i was posting this…although i dont know if it was on an automatic fetch or someone insta-fetched, although either way isnt it odd that there were the 304s during the 11am hour?

edit 2: ah, was posting the same time as hampus…i do see the biology textbook… item in my full.xml feed…there doesnt seem to be any problem with the feed itself, just something odd with fetching/caching or something

I’ve got this issue too - didn’t notice until I saw this ticket popup on twitter.

Instafetch pulls in updates, but letting it run by itself returns not modified. Is there some anti-cache stuff that happens for instafetch?

Insta-fetching changes the URL a bit, so it’s not a good test of feed healthiness. Check Statistics, is it supposed to be updating?

Ohh, it’s a 304. Well, I’ll be honest, it seems like their etag is busted. Does it ever pull in the stories on its own?

Yea, was fine, as far as I know, until last night…unless there just happened to be users manually fetching all the time to give the illusion of working. Your verge feed appears to be afflicted as well now

edit: statistics fetch time is 10-12 mins for both

Not sure if this is related or not but now it looks like a large amount of feeds havent updated at all since ~630 pacific

And even some real-time feeds that show successful feed pushes need an insta-fetch to get recent stories

an example: (times pacific)…

even though there was a feed push at 2014-03-30 20:03:15 the two most recent stories from 19:37 and 19:13 did show until my insta-fetch at 2014-03-30 20:42:23
OK (200)

and another with the same behavior,…

Jason, very nice catch. I turned off feed fetchers a couple hours ago and will turn them on in about an hour. I’m performing some much needed database maintenance. So let’s postpone this discussion until tomorrow when feed fetching will be on again.

I just insta-fetched the verge full feed to get the stories (so that successful fetch in statistics was me, not automatic) but looks like everythings the same with the 304s

E-mailed The Verge’s support staff. They had some issues with their RSS feed a couple years ago, so hopefully they’ll be responsive this time around. Keep this thread updated and I’ll put out an email a day until it gets resolved.

Good news, they’re on it:…

sweet, thanks