Valid feed URL doesn't work in NewsBlur, does in other readers

A feed that previously worked in NewsBlur,, no longer functions. It works fine in Reeder’s iCloud Feeds and Feeder. I would really like to get it to work in NewsBlur.

Thank you for any assistance…


using that feed through newsblur returns 403 forbidden. is there some sort of blacklist newsblur is on, or a whitelist it should be added to?

Cloudflare again (which makes sense as they offer a range of easy to use filtering features). None of my other Cloudflare feeds are having issues though, so my guess is that it would be worth reaching out to the site to get them to do some unblocking.

Thank you, @steanne and @thedaveCA. I appreciate your expertise. I’ll definitely reach out to them to try to get NewbBlur unblocked.

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