Using Site Settings to change the feed URL wipes all training.

I switched from Lifehacker’s to (the real full) through the newly added Site Settings option. I expected this to keep all my other settings intact, but it seems to have wiped the intelligence training I’ve been doing under the last week.

This might be by design, or due to some limitation, but I personally expect settings like that to be kept when all I do is change the feed URL (and not the site or anything else).


Sorry about that! It was a bug, and I’ve since fixed this. If you like, i can manually move your training over, just let me know the feed title. (I keep track of the original feed_id to grab subscriber counts, so I can easily move training as well, after the fact).

As long as it’s fixed, I’m happy. I’ll retrain it. There isn’t much that is lost, am mostly waiting for the intelligence update—hoping for better control.