Username when sending a story via email remains unchanged.

I changed my username, but my old name still shows up in the “from” field when sending a story via email. How can I update this?

Also, is it possible to show my full name here instead of my username?


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You don’t have a full name on NewsBlur, but the email should definitely show your new username, as there is only one field in the database that stores your username.

Okay, I just occurred to me to test something and it worked. It both solved my problem and answered my question. The “Your Name” field saves the last name you used, even if you change it to something else like your full name. However, it only saves this if you send the email from inside NewsBlur. I usually choose to open the email in my own client and send from there. So, I changed my name and sent the email the normal way without using my own client. My change stuck and now it always displays my name like I want it to. Consider this solved. Thanks.

Ah-ha, I see what happened here. Yes, there is a full name field, but only for emails. And it’s cookie-based, so it sticks around only on your local machine.

Thanks for that extra information regarding the cookies. I would have wondered what happened when I went home tonight and it wasn’t the same as at work.