User Privacy and Premium Accounts


I’m really digging NewsBlur and one of the features that really makes it stand out from the crowd is the ability to use any old anonymous email adddress, not just your master google creds, to create an account and use your service.

Given that feeds and the types of news/information an individual subscribes to can be very private and when taken as a whole could reveal a great deal about an individual, (location, employment, sexual orientation, medical issues, personality, etc) what measures have been taken to ensure the privacy of individual users’ feeds?

Also, with regards to purchasing Premium accounts, are cardholder names/payment info kept permanently and tied to the account/email, or are they serviced through anonymous escrow? Online Privacy is a hot topic these days and one of the reasons a codified privacy policy would be helpful.

Thanks for any response, and for making NewsBlur awesome!

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I use Stripe, so I don’t actually have your credit cards. As for privacy, nobody can see the feeds you are subscribed to. The only public information are the stories you share.

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Wow, thanks for the lightning-fast response. I’m impressed with your availability and willingness to take the time to address your customers, unlike some competitors that shall not be named. :wink:

I’m not terribly familiar with Stripe, but from perusing their site, can I assume that when we purchase an account via your stripe form, all you have to maintain is our email address tied to the card token provided by Stripe?

Not even that. I get a token that connects you to Stripe. So I have no identifying information, apart from what you provide me. This is also why I require emails on the signup page.

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Well, I’m sold. As long as the backend stuff is locked down pretty well it looks like a really solid reader. The user interface is better than feedly IMO and all that the Android app lacks is a two-pane view for tablets.