Use "M" to mark unread, not "U".

An option to enable this would be nice. That’s how Google Reader worked. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit “U” and my feed scrolls down a random number of items and then just looks confused.


Sorry, I disagree. Unread is the key here, not Mark.

So … no user customizable shortcuts, period?

There are a few already: Manage > Preferences > Keyboard. But I haven’t heard this one before and I’ll need more folks to want it in order to justify the additional preference.

This is something I always wanted but sort of gave up hope for a while ago. Like a few other shortcuts that are different, 1.5 years of newsblur still hasn’t overwritten years and years of habit from greader.


Between Google Reader and my webmail client (Zimbra), I’m trained that “m” means “toggle marked state”. I suspect people using GMail shortcuts have the same training. But on Newsblur “m” is a pretty dangerous (or at least potentially annoying) key, especially on “All Site Stories” when it’s largish (say, 150). It takes a long time to scroll all the way down.

Offering “m” to toggle read would solve my issue. I’d also be happy with the ability to just disable “m” entirely, so at least it’s not occasionally annoying me. My own perception is that “jump to oldest unread” is not something I use often, certainly not enough to justify its own key. I’d expect people who want it regularly might be better served by sorting oldest first instead.

Ultimately it’s not a big deal. For Zimbra I’ve specifically moved to the alternate keys (the non-obvious “z” and “x”), and I’ve mostly broken my old habit. But it would be nice.

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Vote this thread up and like all things I can be convinced.

Google Reader has trained me to use “m” as well, “u” has taken some getting used to but I am learning. I would prefer to see user customizable shortcuts instead of just changing it to “m”, wouldn’t want to upset all those Newsblur users that have been trained otherwise.

Yay! This is now “fixed”. Using the “M” key works to mark read items as unread.