Upgraded to premium the other day; lots of feeds updating very slowly.

Hi, I’m experiencing significant delays on several feeds. As an example, throughout today, I’ve had headlines filter in from as long ago as the weekend.

Just now, I had some pop up from this morning, and even one from the 29th.

The most significant sites with which I’ve had a problem are the NY Times, USA Today, and ESPN.


Right click on the feed and open Statistics. That’ll tell you both expected and actual values.

Thanks - unfortunately, this is happening with major news sites, all of which update at least once an hour.

In the past few hours, I have had headlines from ESPN, NYT, USAT, and UTSD from this morning (as far back as 1am and 2am ET) and even from the 29th.

Ohh, looks like a major PuSH (real-time push) hub is down: http://superfeedr.com. Those sites rely on superfeedr to push updates. Not much I can do.