Upgrade to PHP 5.5.28-> NewBlur RSS feed broken

Web host upgraded me to PHP 5.5.*
Now my NewsBlur RSS feed
results in an error, “Error. Feed could not be retrieved.”
Is it PHP?
Did the RSS feed location change?
Is it Joomla?
Is it me?


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Seems to work just fine. I added it and got a bunch of feed items. Both https and http works.

Yes the feed itself is fine. However, when placed in a Joomla page running PHP 5.5.28, it fails for some reason.
Are there any changes in PHP/Joomla that would affect NewsBlur that I may not be aware of?


What I’m saying is, the feed you linked above, the one you said causes an error, loaded just fine for me in Newsblur. So check again. Unless you’ve rolled back the Joomla/PHP updates that is.

Upon further investigation, I find that other RSS feeds work fine in my webpage. So I can run other newsfeeds and their RSS pages through my website…just not my own using NewsBlur

So the problem is not:
Joomla 3.4.4
Simple RSS Feeder
The browser I use
PHP 5.5

It is NewsBlur. Is there another address for the feed? I also tried using kalenjin.newsblur.com and that failed as well.


Are we going to get a reply for this?
I cannot use my personalized RSS feed from NEwsBlur in my webpage. Other RSS feeds work fine.
Why would NewBlur not work in Joomla 3.4.4 with Simple RSS Feed, PHP 5.4?

The RSS feed validates just fine: https://validator.w3.org/feed/check.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.newsblur.com%2Fsocial%2Frss%2F83619%2Fk…

As Samuel pointed out, the feed itself is valid, so that isn’t the issue. This mean that the issue is most likely either in the webserver, hitting some problem when fetching the feed (have you checked server/php logs) or in the feed parser. 

You might want to post on the Simple RSS Feed plugin forums and see if they can tell what the cause is, it is after all the plugin that is giving you the error.

I fixed one warning in the RSS feed about the url not being canonical. Was "http://samuel.newsblur.com" and is now changed to "http://samuel.newsblur.com/". But I doubt that is the issue.

I have put other feeds into my webpage:

These all work in my webpage.

But  http://samuel.newsblur.com/  does not work.
Neither does  https://kalenjin.newsblur.com/social/rss/83619/kalenjin   .
So the issue seems to be something with respect to how Joomla 3.4.4, and/or PHP 5.5, and/or Joomla Simple RSS Reader handle Newsblur.

Changed PHP version to 5.4, and it now works.
So there are some changes in PHP 5.5 which are incompatible with NewsBlur. FYI

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