updating the feed whilst in "All Stories" view brings in unread stories within those I have already scrolled past

There I am happily reading headlines and scrolling down, every so often marking older as read. Occasionally the screen flickers and the stories that were on screen have jumped about. I carry on.

PROBLEM: what has actually happened is that one of my feeds has been updated and today two stories from yesterday were inserted into the story list, but way above the point I am at, off screen. This time I scrolled back and found two because they stood out within the actually read items, but there may have been more within the story headlines that I had already read and decided did not warrant further reading.

How many stories have I missed in the meantime?

SUGGESTION: please do NOT update feeds whilst we are actually in the "All Stories " section, unless you add them by time retrieved rather than time originally posted. Please defer updating until I return to the summary screen.

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The issue is that stories don’t get inserted into your current reading list. I do that on purpose. I do update the unread counts of feeds, but stories should not shift. More likely what happened is that images loaded, but that doesn’t exactly square with your experience. 

I’m not actually sure what’s going on here. Next time it happens, can you post a screenshot? I want to be sure I have the right context.