Unsubscribed Feed Occasionally Returning to Site Stories

I have an odd issue. Occasionally, when I click on “All Site Stories”, I’m seeing a feed from Mac Rumors, which I haven’t subscribed to in a while. Additionally, upon login via Chrome on my PC, the site counter rolls back from 8 to 7, leading me to believe somewhere deep in my NewsBlur account, I’m still subscribed to this feed. For what it’s worth, I have checked all the views (All/Unread/Focus), and I’m not seeing this feed listed anywhere in my account.

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Almost two weeks after posting, and no response…

Try adding and deleting the feed again. What happened is that NewsBlur must have thought you subscribed to the feed in two places, so it removed it out of the folder/top-level that you had it in, but kept the raw subscription. When you use All Site Stories, it looks at your raw subscriptions, not your folders.

I think that resolved the issue for me. Is there a way for me to look at my “raw” subscription data? If not, perhaps a future improvement?

JSON might do for raw: www.newsblur.com/reader/feeds