unresponsive script warnings in firefox

lately I’ve been getting frequent pegged CPU and unresponsive script warnings like

I restarted firefox in safe mode and this still happens.

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I read nearly all items via the Android app then returned and everything is fine.  There must have been a pathological value in some item.

I’m having the same issue, I also think its Firefox related, as Chrome usually just locks up instead of cashing.  Is there anything anyone has figure out on how to fix it?  Driving me nuts!!


What browser extensions do you have installed? It’s almost always because of adblock. Also, you may want to not use the Original view for certain sites. I’d switch to Feed or Text view.

When I look under Firefox/Plugins I don’t find any called “adblock”.  Switched view to “text”, see if that helps.  Either way a better way to view the site.