Unread RSS Feed Limit of 200


how can I lift the 200 unread RSS feed item on my self hosted installation?

Thank you

Change OVERRIDE_STORY_COUNT_MAX in settings.py to whatever number you’d like. It’s already in the settings.py file, just commented out.

thank you for your comment,
i tried that already - but it still cuts at 200 - I also deleted the rss feed and re-added - but still happens.

I also tried to edit the models.py within rss_feeds directory,
where the def story_cutoff(self): i have changed every number on the following lines onto over 2000…

But still cut at 200!

Is there anything else what I could try?

EDIT: i am using an docker image. and I saw that inside the docker image, there is another config sitting there. I am not sure why there are two (outside docker+inside)
I tried adding the variable there too.
Maybe this helps.