Unread items missing

I wanted to read some older articles in the ‘xkcd What-if’ feed, as only “Drain the Oceans” was showing. I assumed the 14-day mark-as-read had kicked in.

However, when I switch to “All” (rather than “unread only”) I still only see one article in the list. Where are all the historical articles? I’ve been subscribed to that feed since I first signed up to NewsBlur many months ago.


Also, for the same feed I don’t see the “Drain the Oceans II” and “Random Sneeze Call” posts - despite this feed apparently scheduled to update every 70 minutes, and even if I do an Insta-Fetch.

The What If feed was broken and I fixed it yesterday. It seems that this is part of the fallout. It shouldn’t give you anymore issues.