Unread item shows up in left hand tree pane, but not in main pane.

My feed for questionable content is messed up. It shows “1” unread item on the left pane, but when I click it, the main pane just goes completely blank, without a header or anything.

There is a new comic, that I can read through the regular web site. No idea if the feed XML itself is messed up or what, but even if that’s the case this is a lousy failure mode.

I haven’t tried “mark as read” from the menu, in case there’s some messed up state that would be useful to preserve for troubleshooting. If you want to take a look, my user name is aubilenon.


Are you in original view? Right click the feed and go to Site Settings. Change it to Feed view, which may work.

Aha. I *was* in feed view, but if I change it to original view, then it renders the content.

I never got that particular item to work in feed view, but original worked fine, so I gave up and marked it as read. The next update worked fine in feed view.