Unread Count on iPad App does not match Web App

Currently my iPad has 167 unread and the web app has 122 unread items. If I count the unread items in the tree, I find that the web app is correct.

If I read everything, both counts will go to zero. It’s not clear which of my many folders has the extra count, or if it’s just randomly distributed. All the feed numbers within the folders are correct on the iPad, only the total is wrong.

About the only odd thing on my setup is that the iPad (8th generation) is still running 14.8.1, whereas it really, really wants me to go to 16.3.1. I don’t want to upgrade because … Apple. Likewise, I have not explicitly upgraded the NewsBlur app on the iPad.

What version of the NewsBlur iPad app are you running? I’m afraid you’ll need to be on latest, just as I believe there may have been a counting bug recently resolved that came from mis-counting top level feeds.

I’m on 12.0.6. I’ll see if I can contrive to upgrade …

Nope. 12.0.6 is the latest available on the App Store.

I currently have 2 unread items showing in the folders and the total says … 2. So the total is not always wrong. In fact, I notice it mostly when it gets into double or triple digits and it gets off by a large number as in my original post.

Well, it turns out it’s not that simple. Currently there are 4 items shown unread in folders and the total is 5. One of the items is two levels down in the tree. If I read that item, the folder counts now have 3 items and the total is 3. That sounds suspiciously like you are double counting in nested folders.

Pesky recursions.

Yep, just now showing 2 in a top level folder and 5 in a nested folder, for a total of … 12. It’s that simple. Here is what the web app says, when the iPad says 12:


I am having this issue as well
My iPhone and iPad Newsblur apps both show double what the actual count is. The web version of Newsblur shows the correct number