Unread connundrum

This is something that has affected me more or less as long as I’ve been using Newsblur, so I’m raising it again. Some part of me secretly hopes that it’s just something I have set wrong, but I don’t think so.

What happens is this: in “All Shared Stories,” I will go through and read everything that’s offered as unread. But when I’m done, the sidebar still shows many things as unread, even though I can’t find them:

What I have to do at this point is individually go to each feed and “mark all as read.” But it doesn’t end there, because when I go to Newsblur on iOS or Android, I have a different set of blurblogs that say they have unread items but don’t. There is some overlap with those in the web interface, but it’s not exact. I can mark all as read on the web and immediately go to a mobile app and find another 40 or 50 unread stories that aren’t unread and can’t be seen.

My own blurblog is one of the most common offenders. It’s almost always one of the ones in the list, frequently with 20 or 30 purportedly unread stories (even though my own stories actually never show up as unread in “All Shared Stories”).

“The People Have Spoken” is another of the consistent offenders.

And I do tend to see the same dozen or so blurblogs in the list, though I haven’t kept precise records or anything.

It’s really nothing but an annoyance (I don’t think I’m actually missing any stories). But it is a pain if you have feed OCD the way I do. I’ve often thought that if I could choose “mark all as read” on “all shared stories” itself, it would solve my problem by letting me swipe them away all at once. But I raise it because clearly something’s going on here. Like I said, I sometimes hope it’s just operator error, so apologies if that’s the case, and my thanks as always for my favorite RSS reader bar none.


I should say too: going to the individual blurblogs themselves also does not reveal any unread stories.