unread article count

My unread article count says I have 6 unread articles.

When I click everything, there aren’t any articles shown.

I’m using dev newsblur.

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Problem seconded, but I’ve got 27 phantom unread articles.

This is probably because the Everything view actually only shows sites and not blurblogs. Although I have a feeling I know what’s going on. Can you provide either of your usernames and I’ll get it fixed?

username is thevulgartrade

my username is troyb30

Obviously this is a bit late, but since we’re so near to launch, I’m going to hold off on these. Also, the bug that was causing this should have been fixed last week.

I’m planning a week-long rewrite of the unread story system post launch. This will bring features such as oldest-first, fast folders (river of news), and improved unread counting times.