Under normal circumstances, is NewsBlur real-time?

Under normal performance conditions, is NewsBlur real-time? The FAQ talks about less popular feeds being updated not so frequently. Does this mean it might take days before some feeds update with new articles? Thanks


Yes, in fact, most feeds are back to normal even today. That will undoubtedly slow down on Monday when the work-week crowd comes back, but if a feed says it’s real-time, it should get updated fairly quickly when a new story comes in. The best time I can bring it down to is 5 seconds after being published to updating your unread count.

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ok - great to know.

I just signed up a few hours ago and for the most part have not seen any updates after the initial sync.

For example, I am running my Google Reader app in parallel and I am not seeing any updates for the past hour on NewsBlur. These are some popular feeds like Mashable, Lifehacker, and Engadget too.

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PS - Insta-Fetch seems to bring in the new items. If I’m caught by some performance problem because my account is relatively new, I completely understand.

Samuel - Can you clarify if low utilized feeds are updated in real time or on a delay?

If a feed publishes a real-time hub, then it’s real-time too!

ok - I posted my issue as a problem. Unless you started having major performance problems again last night, I may have a problem with my account. NewsBlur is only getting 25% of my new items compared to Google Reader. It seems to be a few hours behind.