Unblock Feed Reader please

I’m looking for a NewsBlur app for Windows RT and found Feed Reader. Since I’m not able to sign in to Feed Reader with my NewsBlur credentials, I asked the developer whether it’s a known problem just now or if it’s supposed to be working.

He says that the app has been blocked by NewsBlur. Will you consider unblocking Feed Reader, or should I look for an alterative app?


I’ve been in contact with the developer and let him know that I will gladly unblock the app as soon as it stops sending hundreds of bogus requests every minute. I am also waiting for post-July 1st, since I’ve unblocked it before and had it bite me back by taking down my servers.


Ok. I’m glad the website works well. I’m using it every day on my Windows RT device and it’s quite user friendly even with touch.

I just heard from the developer; he says he made the changes you requested, so I guess we’re just waiting for tomorrow.

I’m waiting for this to work before I upgrade to the paid NewsBlur account.

I’m glad to see this is an active topic, and I hope it gets resolved to everyone’s mutual benefit.

+1 awaiting for Feed Reader to be unblocked…

+1 awaiting for Feed Reader to be unblocked…

Tafiti is a good Windows RT app with Newsblur support, and isn’t blocked.

+1 awaiting for Feed Reader to be unblocked…

Interesting dilemma with the API. I wonder how Google’s API dealt with abusive requests, or if they just had so much bandwidth they could take the hammering. Is there a way to limit access on your side?

Use NewsSpot, better than Feed Reader… Much better!

NewsSpot is not available for Windows RT.

I tried Tafiti. It’s not bad. The “tutorial” at the beginning was too quick to follow everything (no pausing to read!) but the UI is easy enough to figure out.

If Feed Reader cannot ever be unblocked, then I may have to use Tafiti. I paid for Feed Reader, and use it on my WP, so I’d still rather have it.