Unable to use "mark all as read" button on items with a publish date in the future

I’ve noticed that some feeds incorrectly claim a in the future. One such example is LifeHacker AU (http://feeds.lifehacker.com.au/lifehackeraustraliaau). When using the “mark all as read” button in either the Android app, or web app, all stories in the past are correctly marked as read, but stories in the future do not get marked as read, and reappear as unread immediately. However, if you read the articles one by one, they successfully get marked as read.

I’ve reported the incorrect publish date issue to lifehacker, but thought you may want to address this bug in Newsblur also.

EDIT: thought I had experienced this on the android app also, but can’t replicate it as of 12-Dec-2016

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I posted this problem (admitting that I did not realize then that the reason for it was the future publish date, tnx for that) four month ago but have not received an answer yet, see https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/topics/mark-as-read-doesnt-work-on-some-feeds
It’s getting really annoying.
(P. S. On the android app everything works fine for me.)

Yeah I don’t think the issue occurs on Android, I haven’t been able to replicate it in the last 24 hours. I recall running into it in the past, but maybe it was a different issue or has been resolved now.