Unable to subscribe to some feed of The Economist

When I try to subcribe to “The Economist: The world this week” RSS feed (http://www.economist.com/rss/the_worl…), I get subscribed to a differenf feed “The Economist: Europe” (http://www.economist.com/feeds/print-…). The same problem persists with some other feed of The Economist, although some seem to work fine.

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What’s the NewsBlur site url of the feed when you load it?

Nevermind, just fixed it. Try subscribing now, it should work. I deleted the duplicates for the Economist.

That was fast :slight_smile:
I can subscribe now. Then another problem - I see only titles of articles (the field where the text should be is just empty). But this seems to be related only to that feed, as other feeds from The Economist work fine. Thanks!

You might be on some view other than Feed. Check to see that you’re not on Original or Story. I bet you’re on Story, in fact, using the latest Chrome or FF and under https, which prevents mixed mode content.

I’m using “Feed” mode.
https - yes.
Browser: Chormium Version 29.0.1547.76 (223446) on Linux desktop
Other feeds from The Economist work fine, so this might be the problem with that feed, but I’m too lazy to verify it on different reader. Here is the link, if you want to check:

Thanks again for the support.