Unable to sign up for premium account by credit card

I’m trying to sign up for a premium account by credit card.
Unfortunately, after filling in my credit card details and hitting
‘Submit’, the browser just returns to the same page.

I’ve tried with a fresh vanilla Firefox profile and it’s a UK credit
card if that matters.

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Hmm, I’m not sure what the issue could be, since I’ve gotten a few payments via Paypal and Stripe today—so it’s not on the fritz. What’s your username? I’ll just upgrade you and in a year, if you still want to renew, you can try it again.

How many times did you enter in your CC details? Just once, right? It’s possible it was an unhandled hiccup on either end.

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My username is ‘wonderwastings’. I entered my CC details 4 or 5
times. I’m happy to retry later and/or via PayPal if it’s not a known
issue. Thanks for the offer of the upgrade. I definitely would like
to pay at some point.

Err, ‘wonderwastelands’ sorry. Can’t keep all the pseudonyms
straight. :wink:

I just retried and it appears to have worked this time. Sorry to waste your time. newsblur looks awesome, I look forward to using it full time.

Is it a Lloyds/HBOS card? Could it be this?

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Yeah, it is one of those cards, so it probably was that. Thanks.

Woah, awesome find, thanks Tim! And I’m glad you went premium, IT.

Hi there,

today i tried to go premium, and my card gets rejected by stripe and paypal…
I’m from germany, and it seems the problem is the recurring payment/subscription.

So is/will there be any chance to pay without subscription?
(As the CC and my PayPal work, that i’m sure of :wink: )


Unfortunately a CC is the only way. Too much hassle otherwise. Email me your username and I’ll hook you up with a premium account.