Unable to share more than 1 item w/o refresh (Chrome PC, Firefox PC and Chrome Mac)

Hi, In Feed View -> ‘Show Single Story At A Time’ I am unable to share more than 1 item without having to refresh NB entirely in order to share the next item. The first item works 100% fine, but for the next item I click on (often not in sequence, could be 20 items above or below in my feed, for ex) the ‘Share’ button does not respond at all when clicked.

Switched back to ‘Show All Stories’ view and it seems to work, but I use these Feed Views interchangeably depending on what folder I’m looking through (image/video heavy folders are often cumbersome in ‘Show All Stories’ view with all the loading taking place at the top of the folder feed), so I’d like some help on a permanent fix that restores NB’s full functionality.

Saving appears to work fine in either feed view mode, but I use saving differently than I do sharing, as most users do I imagine.

Problem was replicated in Chrome PC, Firefox PC and Chrome Mac (current versions).

Please advise. Thank you!

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