Unable to see shared items in Android app

On the news blur website you always see your shared items (items that you have shared) as a feed (even though there should never be anything that is unread there). It seems on the Android app this is not the case and there is no way to view/edit what you have shared easily. You can see a list of shared items in your profile but can’t view or edit the items from there.

This is on Version 3.7.1 of the app with android 4.4.2 on a nexus 5.


Sounds like you are in unread view? If a social feed (including yours) has no unreads, it is not shown. Tap on ALL down at the bottom of the feed list and you should see it!

Ah, that does fix it BUT, I still think that is different than the web version handles it. Pretty sure I have it set to only show unread on the web and I still see my shared items (even if they are all read). Will confirm when I get home.

OK, as I thought yes it always shows your shared items on the web. Maybe this is not a bug but the android app does not act the same way as the web version.