Unable to Reply to or Star Comments

In the last week I have been unable to star comments or reply to comments on stories. I have reset my browser cookies and preferences on ChromeOS version 56.

I have not verified if this affects Newsblur on another platform.

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I’m not able to reply to comments nor edit my own comment on any shared stories. This is happening in both Chrome and Safari (macOS Sierra, latest.)

Do you have any browser extensions installed? I’ve found these can cause an issue with submitting replies.

This is happening to me in both Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu 16.10. My ad blocker is disabled for newsblur.com on Firefox, and the Chrome has no extensions at all (I installed for testing).

It’s also happening on the iOS app as well, so make of that what you will…

I’m also having this problem in both Chrome and IE on Windows.

@samuel Disabling Adblock didn’t resolve the issue (nothing happens when I click on the “edit” button.

Anybody have accessto the dev console? Is there an error that shows up?


Nothing happens when I click the “edit” button. This is just an error that shows up when the post renders.

Yes, some extensions but, I disabled all extensions and still could not reply or star comments.

That’s a browser extension error. Can you try disabling all browser extensions and narrowing it down to the one that’s causing it? 

@Samuel - I just loaded up a thread in my personal blurblog (tingham.newsblur.com) and I was able to reply to a thread there that doesn’t work in the same browser instance (just a different tab) from the feed itself. Does this help to narrow down what might be the issue. I’ve gone down the disable all extensions route and I’m pretty sure that isn’t it. Hopeful for a resolution, still in love with NB.

I’m continuing to have this problem.  Did something about the security of replies change recently?  My account is set to Private (Only people I approve can see my shared stories and reply to me) and I seem to be unable to reply to myself.  But I can reply to folks who seem to be set to public.

Yeah, that was a red herring.  It seems like I can just sometimes reply and sometimes not.  When I can’t, clicking the reply button just doesn’t do anything at all.