Unable to read any stories, "No stories to read"

I’m suddenly unable to read any stories from all of my feeds, even though it’s clearly showing new stories count numbers. The message in the reading pane is “No stories to read”, and there will be the error icon (the exclamation mark) at the bottom of the pane, and I have no other indicator what might have caused this error.

This has just happened this afternoon, previously there are no issues with the feed and I can read all the new stories just fine.

Appreciate your help and advice.


to add some debug info, responses to AJAX requests like “https://www.newsblur.com/reader/feed/7066121?page=1&feed_address=https%3A%2F%2Fkorben.info%2Ffeed&order=newest&read_filter=unread&query=&include_hidden=true&_=1663058460073” are 500, with the standard error page “NewsBlur experienced an error”.

Just logged in after a long time, same problem! Will try again later.

Looks like a redis server fell over. Like it just became unresponsive for no reason. Anyway, thank goodness I randomly checked my phone (it’s 2am), since I didn’t hear the downtime notification. All’s well now!


I tried logging out and logging in again, and now all the feeds look okay now. Thank you so much!