Unable to connect with a premium account

Since the “feed” issue several days ago I can’t seem to connect to Newsblur.
When I enter my login (louloupix) / password, I get systematically the error below:

NewsBlur experienced an error
The error has been logged and will be fixed soon so you won’t have to see this message again.
Return to NewsBlur

I did reset my password to no avail.
Before encountering the issue, I exported all my feeds in OPML, deleted them from my account and tried to reload them.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Can somebody please look into this.
Additional information.

When I go to private browsing, I’m able to enter a login/password.
As soon as I enter the password I get the
"NewsBlur experienced an error " error message and can’t enter a login/password anymore until I close and reopen a private session.

If I use another login/password (my wife’s) I have no issue…

Hi there, I just fixed the issue that hit your account. Turns out there was another user with the same username that was left in the system. It may have been you, but I fixed it up and you should be good now.

Sorry about the wait, I’m on vacation until tomorrow.

Thanks a lot Samuel, I’m sorry about your vacations.
I am now able to connect again and believe the other account is me indeed. Looks like it was deleted during the issue and I tried to recreate thinking it would “restore”
Do you have any way to restore my premium account?
I also tried to upload my opml file but I get an error “there was a problem uploading your opml file”. I could manage to enter the feeds manually if you don’t have any way to work around this.

Ok, upgraded your account.

Thanks a lot Samuel!

Thanks a lot. I have my newsblur fully working again.
Fwiw I found the issue with the opml. It was due to my “photography” folder that was too big…I had to split it several times to have it work. I guess you may have a limit of imports that can be done at a time but not on the export.