Unable to cancel subscription renewal for "edibiase"

When I try to cancel my subscription renewal, I get the following error message: “Could not cancel your membership. Contact support.” My username is “edibiase”.

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It was cancelled, the messaging just means it can’t cancel it again. You must have cancelled it manually already, is that right?

I did try to cancel it a while ago—and I believe I got the same error message—but I was charged yesterday for another year’s subscription.

Ah-ha, it’s because you used Paypal at first, then Stripe the next year. I went ahead and gave you a full refund and left your account as a premium for the next year.

Since you’re an old user, mind if I ask why you decided to leave NewsBlur?

Thanks, Samuel! That’s very kind of you.

I like NewsBlur, but I tend to read my RSS feeds mostly on my iPhone or iPad, and I prefer to use Reeder on those platforms. So I ended up with a setup where Feed Wrangler is my back-end and I use Reeder on iOS and ReadKit on Mac as my front-ends.