Uh. How does one mark an article unread?

I see that it’s been on the android list for a long time.

There’s probably a way to do it in the desktop version.

Oh. BTW, what about drag 'n drop for feeds. I get that this is an old crufty code base, but there are some new technologies out there…

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Shift+u should do it, or right-click a story title. Drag-and-drop was taken out because too often people made mistakes when trying to read their feeds. Since you read about 10,000x more often than you move feeds, it was taken out. I’m working on a batch organizer.

On my setup it is JUST ‘u’. ‘shift+u’ seems to collapse my left-side bar.

timestryder: woah! worked! Thanks mucho.

I don’t know how to do it on android, I think its a feature still in progress!

Samuel: Thanks for comment! Don’t really get the “mistakes” part, but it is not given to me to understand all.