Two feeds repeatedly update themselves with the same items

Another weird issue: I have two feeds (one porn feed, one software updates feed) which started to repeatedly update themselves last week. Every time I mark them as read, the same (all?) news appear again soon. This happens with the web version, with ReadKit and with News+.

Any clues?

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What feeds? I had this issue a week or so ago and it turned out to be the feeds issue, not newsblur. I tweeted the site in question and newsblur support and they worked it out and fixed it.

ac’tivAid is one.

It is reproduceable at

In Newsblur, there are many entries titled “The Princess Bride Bunnies now online”.
In the feed there is only one such entry.

I wonder if the problem is the missing year in the date field?

Wed, 21 Apr

It was published in 2010.

Ac’tivAid has no pubDate, suggesting the problem is either nothing to do with the pubDate, or that it is unrelated to the Angry Alien problem.

The issue persists. Removed the feed(s) for now because they’re annoying. Still could need a fix.

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Bump. :wink:

Broken too: