Two- column view iPhone 6 Plus

I have used Newsblur on my iPad for almost two years and I absolutely love it. Newsblur has been absolutely perfect for my need. I recently got an iPhone 6 Plus because of how it operates so similarly to an iPad when in landscape mode (namely the two-column view present in many system apps). I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t a two-column view in this app despite it being updated for the iPhone 6 Plus. If you added this feature, I would be absolutely thrilled and I would once again consider this app perfect. Plus, I don’t think that any other RSS readers have implemented such a feature, so you could be ahead of the competition! Please strongly consider adding this feature, because I’m sure that many people could get use out of it. Thanks so much!

I want this feature so much that I am creating an account with this service just to request it. I also included a mockup of how good it would look if you decided to implement it. You could try it for yourself on an iPhone 6 Plus to get a better feel for it.


Eventually I’ll build this. It’s not a very big screen and I’m not sure this is an optimal layout for a phone.

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I definitely see what you mean. The Mail app has a full screen button in the email pane so that you could see just the content of the email and nothing else. That would work good here too, and it might help with your concerns. Either way, I appreciate you just considering it and thanks so much for replying to my idea.