Twitter Retweets Being Cut Off

The twitter integration is great and a big favorite feature of mine in Newsblur.  However, there is one issue that has always existed with it and I haven’t seen anyone else post about this (at least by my searching) so I wanted to report it.

Some tweets that is retweeted, does not display the full tweet.  Instead, the (legacy) RT: comes in and presumably, puts the post over 140 characters.  This is especially true on posts that have a link, as they are probably the ones most commonly close to 140 characters.

An example:

Displays like this in Newsblur:

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Brilliant idea. Just deployed and you should notice that all RTs now look like native tweet, except the title will reflect the RT. Ahh, much better.

I also just fixed attribution so that the username is correctly reflected. This does allow you to now train on the retweeted user as the story author.

Wow, dude.  I am impressed, you work so fast - thanks so much!