Twitter feeds not updating (in the past 5 days)

I follow many twitter feeds via Newsblur and have noticed that for the past 5 days they are not updating. I was using the Android client over the holidays and just logged in via Firefox on the desktop to view the site statistics and settings. The feed is ok, it uses the link with the username variable. If I select InstaFetch everything pulled up ok. In the site statistics though there are “Feed has no original page (404)” errors.

Here is an example from I feed I have not done an InstaFetch on yet:…

Also, on a different note, the Android client still shows duplicates (both on the feeds and the folders). Is an update coming out soon that also adds a confirmation to the delete feed options that is right next to mark all as read?


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Ok, many of my twitter feeds are now updating without me having to update them manually with InstaFetch. Looking at the statistics it looks like some of the automatic updates didn’t run for several days. I noticed a few blogs that showed 0 updates but when I went directly to them I can see that they did have posts over the past few days. This isn’t the case for all my feeds but it did impact quite a few.

Were there any known issues with the regular tasks that Newsblur runs to get the updated feeds? Things seem to be running correctly today thankfully.

Yup, you got it. I’ve been running the feed fetcher at about half capacity for the past few days (you can tell from the dashboard that normally we hit 1.2MM feeds, but right now it’s sitting at 600k). However, everything should be running normally. To cut the number of feeds fetched in half, all I did was set feeds that had only a single subscriber and publish fewer than 6 stories a year (less than .5 on average per month, which rounds to 0) will now get fetched anywhere from 10x - 2x less often.

These are feeds that were being fetched every 60 minutes, so I’m just nudging the really quiet feeds to be fetched every 1-12 hours. Turns out that’s more than half of the server load alone. Yay!