Twitter feeds not supported on NB?

I didn’t realize until today that Newsblur isn’t supporting Twitter feeds any longer… or am I doing something wrong? All of my TW feeds stopped the day of the new update. Please let me know! Thanks!

There was an issue that some accounts had their Twitter connection reset. I fixed most of them automatically but yours I must have missed. Anyway, just reauthotize Twitter under Manage > Friends and Followers.

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Well, well does that process take a while? I’m getting this spinning NewsBlur ball of death that’s not terribly reassuring…

Do you see that before or after you log in to twitter? Or do you see the twitter website flash? I’m not able to reproduce that issue, so i need a bit more info. What browser/OS?

Hi Samuel!

After logging in. I’m on Mac OS 11.5.1 (latest Big Sur update) and the Firefox (91.0b8) beta channel. I’ve never experienced the Newsblur ball of death either!

However, the good news is that the TW feeds finally updated.

Thanks for your help! I love NB!