Twitter feeds: just 10 latest updates

Twitter feeds just show ten latest updates each. Is this a Twitter feature or could it be solved? Maybe just an idea for a useful improvement due to the frequent updates on Twitter.

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IME, the first time you add a feed you only get the last 10, but once subscribed you get them all (up to 200).

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I suscribed to several Twitter feeds yesterday but I’m just on ten latest updates. They feed is updating, but old updates disappear as more recent updates are received.

I believe going premium would boost that number. Only ten stories are held if the user is the sole subscriber and is a free user.

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But I’m a premium user. I don’t realise it’s the number of updates held for free users, so could it be some kind of bug?

What’s the of the feed when you open it on the web?

For example:
User: jesgar (just in case you’ll need it)

Samuel, it’s also happening now on non-twitter feeds, just 10 latest updates, for example: (1) (2) But not on every feed, for example this one works as expected: