Twitter feeds - adding feeds - twitter connection not recorded

Hi Samuel,

NewsBlur is awesome, but I have a problem.

1-Every time I want to add a titter feed I have to reauthorize access (Manage > Friends).
Yes, every time.
The thing is that my twitter connection is not recorded.
I’m always asked to reconnect.

It’s really annoying.
What could be the problem?

Could you take a look please?

Twitter feeds seem to be affected by it.
ie: feeds only seem to update after I reauthorize.

2-Any difference between adding and https:/

Thank you 



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Ok, thanks for letting me know. I just deployed an enormous Twitter rewrite. You should notice that reading Twitter feeds is much, much better all around now. I’m handling quoted tweets, truncated tweets, and auto-expanding URLs. Also, I fixed it so that it will show you the reason for the failure in Statistics/Site Settings if there are any, instead of disconnecting your twitter connection (which was a mistake on my part to do in the first place).

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Wow, just in time, right?. 
That is great!

Thanks Samuel  :-)

Amazing!  Now it’s much better!!!
Now  I can just use NB for twitter. :slight_smile: