Twitter (& FB) connection errors

Hi, Sorry if this is logged elsewhere (couldn’t see a direct match) - I’ve just signed up particularly to use the Twitter functionality and paid to go premium to do so.

However neither Twitter or FB seems to be connecting. FB says that the the host already knows about the error whilst on Twitter I get:

’ NewsBlur experienced an error

The error has been logged and will be fixed soon so you won’t have to see this message again.

Return to NewsBlur

Can anyone help please, or point me a way to get a refund as I created a new account and paid the premium for the access to Twitter (now that Nitter can not pull through RSS).

Thanks for any help

I am having the same problem. I started trying to link my twitter a few days ago and just get the error message.

Same here.

any update on this? still not working for me.

Twitter broke API access in April because they decided to make API access paid and quite expensive. Even if Newsblur paid for a token, it’s apparently broken a lot of the time anyway.

And Twitter has revoked the API keys for any app that they feel “substantially replicates” Twitter functionality, so I don’t think they’d even approve the Newsblur use case.

Sam has previously said he was going to continuing supporting the Twitter functionality. Mine worked great until Twitter nuked the burner account I used to connect via newsblur.

Now I cannot reestablish a connection.

If Sam has indeed made a decision to no longer support Twitter that would be understandable (if very sad). I would just like to know so I can begin preparing myself mentally and emotionally for the nightmare of using the Twitter website again.

Check out this thread from April that has a couple comments from Sam: Twitter API disabling free access - #20 by samuelclay

It sounds to me like the API price is too high (best he can afford is Hobbyist, which is just not enough) and he says if you really want Twitter+Newsblur you can host your own Newsblur instance and get your own Twitter token. Others in the thread pointing out feed syndication apps that have had their tokens suspended for violating Twitter’s new TOS. Sam might yet chime in to the contrary, but personally I’d suggest preparing yourself mentally and emotionally.

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I appreciate this! I had missed his comments in that thread. It does seem like the party’s over.