Twitter APIv1 will not work after May 7th. Any solutions for following Twitter feeds?

Samuel, twitter is about to disable the unauthenticated API that many of your users, myself included, are using to follow Twitter feeds from within Newsblur. The cutoff date is May 7th. My guess is that this will impact a number of users here.

Is there a work-around for this or are we no longer going to be able to follow Twitter accounts from Newsblur?

I have a feeling they are finally forcing us all to use their client since it looks like only JSON is returned in the v1.1 API so it would require custom code to display in Newsblur.…

What a drag! Any thoughts on this?


Ughhh, that sucks. I follow a few Twitters on NewsBlur too. I did find this:
Which has a note about the API shutting down (although it says March?).

If that one stops working too, somebody could definitely put something together that decodes the JSON and then spits out RSS. I might do it myself if I somehow get some free time, but I don’t think Samuel has any obligation.

I’ve been thinking of doing one that would grab retweet threads and format them nicely for RSS too…

I am wondering how the twitter-rss site will handle the rate limiting though? It looks like it might work as a solution though.

For me I like following Twitter feeds in Newsblur for several reasons.

  1. I can see which tweets I’ve read and which I have not (can’t do this using Twitter web client).

  2. Many twitter accounts I have in Newsblur are not really ones I want to actually follow on Twitter.

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That website no longer exists. We could really use a JSON to RSS fix in Newsblur.

The issue most 3rd party Twitter clients are having now is with the rate limiting. My guess is that exceeded the limits and Twitter blocked their API access.

For those interested, here is another site that is providing RSS feeds for Twitter. They are trying to stay under the rate limits to not lose API access.

For my part I pretty much bit the bullet and created a Twitter account and pulled all my Twitter feeds out of Newsblur and into Twitter. I created Private Lists and organized my feeds that way. I use TweetDeck (web version) to show each list as a column. It is still not as nice as reading Tweets in Newsblur though. By the way, you can add a Twitter account to a list without actually following the user. This might be helpful to some of you.

Twitter’s new API rules also forbid you from programatically exporting Twitter content to any other “cloud based service” - meaning Twitter to RSS scripts would technically be against the rules. got a bunch of publicity from blogs posting about the end of Google Reader, so that could be why they shut down.

I think the key is to keep it secret from Twitter :stuck_out_tongue: I know a guy who knows a guy who wrote a twitter to RSS script that works pretty well. Maybe he’ll put the source on Github if he can figure out how to do that.

That’s easier said than done, since there’s no standardized structure for a JSON “news feed” - especially not with the format Twitter’s API spits out

if you can do some simple programming, here is how I make it works,

I wrote a simple yahoo pipes to do the job,…

but you still have to create a developer key and fill up all required field…

here is an example about how to use that twitter oauth pipes

That’s very impressive!

this is still kind of complex for end-user,
hope someone can make a easier one for general usage,

and there are some issue between this pipes and NewsBlur,

NewsBlur seems only keep the latest 100 result as the pipes output,
NewsBlur do overflow and drop the old result,
I don’t know who should I talk with, or there is any programming error in my pipe.

oops, 100 unread is current a limitation in NewsBlur…