Turn off Story Titles Pane

I have mixed feelings about the story titles pane within Newsblur. On my 1080p monitor it doesnt bother me too much since I have the real estate, but when im looking at newsblur on my work laptop, the story titles pane takes up over half the viewing area and makes reading articles annoying on my laptop. Looking at the preferences there are options to permanently reposition the story titles pane but no option to turn it off competely.

There is already a keyboard shortcut which turns it off but it doesnt go away permanently. A lot of people will be kicked off of Google Reader soon and I think there should definitely at least be the option to turn off that panel especially for the new influx of users about to come on.


I asked Samuel about this same problem, and he says that he is working on a fix as we speak.

Awesome! Good to hear

And deployed. Enjoy!

Wow! Dude you are awesome. Thanks so much! Will be sure to be active in the community with ideas…so happy I went premium

You just have good timing. I was sitting on this problem for 3 days now until I finally found the time to implement the new preference.