How do I turn off comments/blurblog/sharing?

I don’t want to see the comments of complete strangers, and I don’t want complete strangers to see what I’m reading.

This is a dealbreaker for me and Newsblur.


It seems that if you don’t share anything, people won’t see what you’re reading.

I could see a setting to hide comments on all blogs being useful.

Nobody can see what you’re reading, only what you choose to share. If you don’t follow people, then you’re in the same news reader you were using before.

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I am not sharing anything or following anyone. I still see comments from other people.

I don’t want a blurblog, why can’t I get rid of it? No, an empty page with my name on it does not suffice.

You can see the comments, but they can’t see what you’re reading even when you see their comments. It’s just like a comments section on any web site on the web.