Tumblr feeds in folders are showing summaries not posts

I noticed that recently (last 72 hours for me) that some of the Tumblr feeds are not showing the actual posts. I just get the little blurb up on top instead of the posts. However, if I marked it as “Unread”, expand the folder, and then go to the individual feed, it shows up. If I then mark it as “Unread” from there and go back to the folder, back to the summary, and then look at it, they are back to the summary.


Now sure if this is because they are adult feeds or not. It is also inconsistent. The first does it, but the second does not.


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The author probably changed it to a truncated feed on Tumblr, which Tumblr makes it very easy to do. The Text view exists to help you out with this.

Okay, but what I don’t understand is why the folder view shows one thing from the individual feed view. I always use text view on both but I’m seeing two different things.

Does that mean that the folder views use the truncated but the individual feed doesn’t?

This is true with new stuff I got today.

There really shouldn’t be any difference between the two. Is it possible for you to inspect the page to see what the image URL of the broken image is supposed to be? Are there any 404 errors in the developer console? I know this is a bit to ask, but it would help me diagnose the error.

Sorry, this apparently is a PEBKAC problem. What I didn’t realize is that the Folder view’s settings of Feed/Text/Story is tracked separately from the feed’s Original/Feed/Text/Story. Somehow, I must have clicked the folder to Text instead of Feed but the feed’s view was set to the proper Feed.

On the other hand, your HTML/CSS is beautiful. It was obvious once I saw the CSS classes.

Glad that worked out.