Trying to give this a test drive but it screams at me for payment and I cannot get off the pay for it page

Just let me test the app please, will pay if it meets my needs

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Just be patient. Wait till your “free” account will be created.

By the way, have not you tried it out before? There is a big button on the home page for exactly that purpose.

For now: may be clean up of cookies for NewsBlur will help to get to that page for try-outs…

I had to wait about 3 days when I was in your situation to get to the front of the line until my account was activated.

Thanks very much for your response, I have moved on now, I was put off by first experience

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Nearly did the same thing… Stayed just because service was recommended to me by a person I really respect. Hope that will not need to move on myself.

NewsBlur’s idea of making people wait while their account is “created” (and in the meantime asking for payment) did NOT work out in their favor in my case.

I finally got tired of waiting and tried Feedly , which turned out to be not only better than NewsBlur (…now that my account has been created), but also about a hundred times better than Google Reader.

I’ll hold on to NewsBlur, in case it gets better, but in the meantime I would recommend to anyone to try Feedly. It’s FREE for the complete version, and it plugs into your browser. Feedly made me wish I had been using it all along, even INSTEAD of Google Reader.

Obviously many of us here would disagree that feedly is better :wink:

Me, I much prefer the interface/functionality of Newsblur’s web interface to feedly’s. However, I am using feedly at the moment because I find the Press app to be superior to Newsblur’s Android app – and I’m doing more reading on my tablet than my desktop these days.

I hope to switch back as the Android app continues to improve. I especially miss Newsblur’s filtering!


You make a good point. Instead of saying that Feedly is “better”, I should have simply stated that I “prefer” Feedly to NewsBlur, then have gone on to suggest others try it for themselves (…as we each have our own personal preferences).