Troubleshooting IFTTT sharing activities

I was trying to work around the lack of an iOS sharing extension by having IFTTT route tags to my blurblog. Unfortunately, while IFTTT shows the applet running I don’t see the shared items or any errors which might explain what happened.

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What’s your username? I’ll check the logs to see if the IFTTT action came in.

acdha on both services

Looking at I see exactly one Pinboard link shared in the last few days. My IFTTT activity log doesn’t show any errors but does show multiple other attempts.

Ok, I’m watching your account for IFTTT shares. Update this thread when you expect one to have happened and I’ll see if newsblur is getting the IFTTT share.

I searched through the load and found a number of IFTTT requests that used your newsblur shares and newsblur saved stories as triggers for other recipes. The opposite setup you’re asking about above. Does that sound right?

I couldn’t find any IFTTT requests that shared a story from somewhere else. 

Oh and I noticed you share a number of stories through the bookmarklet, so I’m seeing all of those. But none of the Pinboard story shares.

Bingo, found it. “NOT Sharing story from IFTTT, over quota”

Looks like there is a quota of 3 stories per day being shared, and that includes from IFTTT. 

How many stories are you sharing per day? I can increase the quota, but it effects all users and a number of users were just sharing lots of automated stories and shared stories are built to be persistent, so it was overwhelming.

I had just added the reverse direction to see if it was faster than using Instapaper to share stories from iOS

I wasn’t sharing that many (e.g. one yesterday, one the day before) but is it trying to catch up on the backlog? Or is that 3/day including shares in the newsblur app?

Yep it’s all inclusive