Train this story broken on Aurora (Firefox)

I use Aurora which is the pre-release of the next version of Firefox (23).

I tried to “train” a story, but got this:…

I wasn’t able to do anything in that dialog.


I bet they’ll fix it. They usually do. This always happens with alpha browsers. Chrome (Canary) and Safari (WebKit nightlies) are no exceptions.

What is most likely happening is that its Firefox that is broken and not Newsblur.

I tested myself on the latest stable version of Firefox and there isn’t any problem.
I have previously used Aurora, and on a few websites it does create problems sometimes, you should not use Aurora unless you want to help Firefox fix the bugs. In this case you should probably report a bug for Aurora.

Yep, verified this exact step (same article) works fine in Firefox 22.

I see this problem with Firefox 21. Sometimes the full dialog is displayed and sometimes it appears too small as in the image in the first post.