Train part of authors

I have several feeds that have multiple authors separated by commas. I would like to train on particular authors. Current support for training on titles should suffice.

I guess this is somewhat related to this post.

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I can see the use case here, but wouldn’t it be easier to just train the authors both individually and when joined?

Author A
Author B
Author A & Author B

…as three separate trainings instead of two. Not ideal, but it’s a lot easier to support.

As long as I can spot posts that include author A, I’d be happy with it.

This solution doesn’t work when you have a situation as follows:

Author C, Author B, Author A
Author C, Author D, Author A
Author E, Author F, Author A

and you want to train on Author A. Not to mention Author A is sometimes A. A or A.B. A.

I think Sungjoo’s suggestion of training the author field in the same way as the title is excellent.