Train based on regex

For example, I would like to hide stories about the gold market, not Goldman Sachs.


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I’m considering it but regex are expensive to run on every story. Would you consider upgrading to an upcoming NewsBlur Premium Pro that was $10/month to gain access to regex, site-wide saved searches + notifications, and AI site summaries?


Would upgrade to Premium Pro for $10 a month in a flash for regex.

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It’s not a foolproof solution, but you can :+1: “Goldman” and that will take precedence over :-1: “gold”. However, then your focus list is flooded with “Goldman” articles.

Another “quick and dirty” solution would be to thumb down "gold " (with an empty space behind) or “gold,”, “gold.”, etc.
AFAIK you can actually modify the text you’re training so in theory, even in the “goldman” example, you could write “gold.” and thumb down that.

I would absolutely pay if newsblur training implemented regex. I would pay more for functionality approaching that in gnus’s scoring. Scoring (Gnus Manual)